Revealed: 5 compelling reasons why expats love to live and work in UAE

Revealed: 5 compelling reasons why expats love to live and work in UAE
UAE-wide ‘My Yellow Brick Road’ survey ranked safety as #1 reason for sense of belonging and integration in UAE
By Shuchita Kapur
Published Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The UAE is one of the world’s most popular expat destinations and several surveys have highlighted the rapidly growing popularity of the country among those looking to relocate for work.

The latest in a string of reports, which conclusively prove UAE’s popularity, is by Western Union, a payment services provider, which reaffirms a wide variety of reasons why expats love to live and work in the UAE.

#1 Safe and secure

More than two in three expatriate respondents (68 per cent) who participated in the UAE-wide ‘My Yellow Brick Road’ survey ranked safety as the #1 reason for their sense of belonging and integration in the UAE.

Indeed, the UAE is consistently ranked among the safest countries in the world. For the second consecutive year the UAE topped the Middle East and North Africa for the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index in 2015. The UAE has achieved 0.67 (min 0, max 1), while Denmark came first in the global ranking with 0.87.

The UAE acquired the top position due to its record in the competitiveness indices and its adherence to the factors of order and security. In terms of which crime is effectively controlled, civil conflict is effectively limited, and violence is not used as a means to redress personal grievances, the UAE received a 0.91; in government corruption, 0.82; and in effective criminal justice, 0.77.

#2 Home away from home

A majority of respondents said it was the comfort offered by friendships developed in the country that made the UAE a home away from home.

Sixty per cent of UAE residents who responded to the survey highlighted the attractiveness of the country for lasting friendships that they have forged over the years.

A previous LinkedIn study, which covers more than 380 million members around the world, too, revealed the UAE remains the most popular destination for professionals beating other job markets like Canada, Australia and Singapore.

#3 Living the lifestyle

More than half the respondents in the Western Union survey said they felt at home in the UAE because they were able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Previous surveys have also highlighted that a majority of expats in the UAE acknowledge the fact that they have a better lifestyle in their host country than their home country, driving better cars and living in better accommodation.

According to this latest survey, 55.5 per cent of expats said they felt at home in the UAE because it offered them a better lifestyle.

#4 Young and thriving

With an average age of 29 years, participants in the survey said they had collectively achieved several goals, chief among them being personal savings (70 per cent), buying a home (38 per cent), and paying for education (36 per cent).

#5 Entrepreneurs and debt-free

Finally, a quarter of the respondents said working in the UAE had enabled them to establish their own business, while 21 per cent it helped them in paying off personal debt.

Starting a family and being able to travel to new places were listed as other accomplishments.

The recent HSBC’s Expat Explorer 2015 survey also showed the growing popularity of the country among the expat workforce.

The bank’s findings put the UAE in a bright spot showing that expats flock to the country due to the better job prospects and higher salaries on offer.

HSBC data shows over half (53 per cent) say the country is a good place to advance a career – compared to the global average of 41 per cent – while a large number also believe it is a good place to acquire new skills (47 per cent).

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