Wanted: Young graduate minister – Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid tweets

UAE appeals for minister aged under 25
Mohammad Bin Rashid tweets appeal for university nomination of three men and three women for cabinet post

Published: 11:48 February 3, 2016
By Mary Achkhanian, Staff Reporter Gulf News

Mohammad Bin Rashid tweets appeal for university nomination of three men and three women for cabinet post

Dubai: The youth of the nation will soon have a representative in the UAE Cabinet as universities were told on Wednesday to nominate young graduates for a ministerial job.

Making the announcement on his Twitter page, His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, directed the universities to nominate three men and three women under the age of 25.

 UAE appeals for minister aged under 25

Youngsters make up half of Arab societies and their aspirations must be taken into account. “Brothers and sisters, youth under the age of 25 represent some half of our Arab societies. It’s logical that the attention given to them and to their concerns is equivalent to their number,” Shaikh Mohammad said in a tweet.

The youth have hopes and aspirations, challenges and concerns. “With them societies can advance or crumble and in their own hands we can witness either achievements or failures,” he added.

“I would like to choose a young person under the age of 25 to represent the concerns of the youth and their ambitions and I want that person to be a minister with us in the UAE government,” he said.

“I ask all universities in the UAE to nominate three men and three women, those who graduated in the last two years or are in their final year so that we could choose one minister from among them,” he elaborated.

Wanted: Young graduate minister - Sheikh Mohammed

“Our young nation was built by the hands and achievements of youth…It reached top positions globally thanks to them. They are the secret to its strength and speed and they are the treasures that we save for the future,” he added.

Reacting to the announcement, Dr Abdullah Al Karam, chairman of the Board of Directors and director-general of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, commended the initiative, believing that it will create a future generation of youth that strives to develop their country in all sectors.

“Our country has many young competent people who have received the care and attention needed by our leadership to thrive since the inception of our country, which has become a model country for bringing happiness to everyone living on its land. The university students who are full of energy and ambition to pay back their country will add to the positive energy of the UAE,” he said.

Al Karam added that the initiative will create a generation of youth who are leaders of the future, who will carry the torch of development in the different fields of the country at a young age.

“This will reinforce a strong state of mutual collaboration between our educational and academic institutions, which will optimise the potential benefit from the youth’s energy in various fields.”

According to a KHDA report, 52,586 students were enrolled in higher education institutions in Dubai in 2013-14, a 9.4 per cent increase year on year. In the 2014-2015 academic year, the total enrolment was 59,801, a 13.7 per cent increase.

Greg Bruno, senior director, Public Affairs and Communications at New York University Abu Dhabi, said: “NYU Abu Dhabi has some incredibly talented and successful students and alumni, any one of whom would make a fantastic representative for UAE youth. We look forward to nominating students for this remarkable opportunity.”

Huge response
After Shaikh Mohammad tweeted his announcement, thousands of Twitter users began responding to his tweets.

On Wednesday, an Arabic hashtag began trending in response to Shaikh Mohammad’s tweets. Twitter user @wo9of, who shared the trending hashtag, which translates into ‘a university student is needed for a ministerial position’ said “this initiative will leave the world amazed.. leaving them to stand in respect to such wonderful leaders! Thank you my leader and my teacher @HHShkMohd.”

Another Twitter user @alameemi shared the same hashtag and said, “the direction that our leaders have taken in this regard proves how much they care about the sons and daughters of this nation and their concerns. We live in a nation with leaders who have a long-term vision.”

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