UAE among top ‘nation brands’

UAE among top ‘nation brands’
India, at No. 7, is second most-valued among emerging economies after China
Gulf News Published: 20:15 November 1, 2015

UAE among top 'nation brands'

Dubai: Soaring tourism, a stable government and big push towards e-commerce have made the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the third-strongest nation in terms of “brand-strength”, alongside Singapore and Switzerland, according to global consulting Brand Finance’s “Nation Brands” 2015 report, released in October.

Singapore topped the list of “Top 10 Strongest Nation Brands”; followed by Switzerland on second place.

Qatar, at No. 9, is the only other GCC state to make the top 10 list, while India is at No. 7.

Brand Finance specialises in brand valuation and the valuation of intangible assets.

“By developing a clear vision for their brands, backed by determination and heavy investment, many of the Gulf states have followed Singapore’s lead. The cities of the UAE and Qatar were relatively unheralded until two decades ago but Dubai, Abu Dhabi and increasingly Doha now share many of the traits Singapore is lauded for,” the report said.

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