Salary proof must to rent an apartment in Dubai

Salary proof must to rent an apartment in Dubai
Passport copy and residency visa copy are the other mandatory documents required
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Published Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Renters will have to provide a statement of income from their employer to landlords before leasing a property in Dubai.

Dubai Land Department (DLD) has now included an income statement in the list of documents that a tenant requires for renting an apartment in the emirate.

The other documents required are:

•A copy of your passport

•A copy of your residency UAE visa

•A signed application for tenancy with all information provided

•A security deposit (usually around equivalent of 4 weeks rent) this is refundable when you exit the property providing it is returned to the owner in the same condition when you entered the property.

•The rent sometimes is negotiable but usually four cheques – the first being three months rent cheque, which is dated now, and the following postdated for 3 monthly intervals. The rent is paid in advance in Dubai.

Emirates 24|7 had reported in April that real estate agents were asking tenants for salary certificates or bank statements to ensure their bank accounts are active in order to reduce the possibility of prospective tenants issuing dud cheques.

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“Yes, we do ask for salary certificates or bank statement from prospective tenants to gauge their financial stability. We even take on the onus of checking with the banks on whether the person issuing the cheques has an active bank account… this service is offered to our large clients,” Mohanad Alwadiya, Managing Director, Harbor Real Estate, had told this website.

–Do your research

The DLD advises tenants to use only a registered broker/agent, adding newcomers should study the location area maps, have a good look at the differing prices, factor traffic and commuting to work, consider the surrounding amenities, and take a drive around the areas before contacting an agent.

Agents are required to have an agreement with their client (tenant) as the latter pays five per cent fee to the former. The fee is paid at the time of signing a lease contract.

The department also makes it very clear that tenants have no right to alter, damage, change the interior or exterior of the property without express written permission form the owner.

“The days are gone when an irresponsible tenant leaves a property dirty, with their rubbish and unfit for occupation,” it states.

-Maintain the property

The property will need to be left in the same condition, as is handed over to the tenant with the tenant and landlord signing an “Entry Condition Report.” This ensures protection to the tenant against the claim of a landlord for damage or condition of a property, which was present before the tenant’s occupation.
Upon leaving the property, an “Exit Condition Report” is completed by the tenant and landlord (or landlord’s agent) and the both reports must match.

“It is a good idea to take some photographs of any damage which your concerned about to ensure you are not blamed for damage, have the landlord or landlord’s agent sign these immediately to protect yourself,” the department counsels.

The DLD website further states a new standard form for rentals and property management will be issued in coming months and shall be available only for registered brokers.

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