Rental Laws

The laws regulating the relationship between landlords and tenants are clear and owners can seek eviction only in specific situations, authorities said.

According to Law No 33 of 2008, a landlord may request eviction of the tenant after giving notice 12 months in advance through a notary public or registered post, said Mohammed K bin Hammad, senior director of the real estate relations regulatory department at Rera.

Eviction is permitted if the owner wishes to demolish, rebuild or extend and when the property requires comprehensive maintenance that cannot be carried out with the tenant in residence. This must be verified by a technical report issued or attested by Dubai Municipality.

Other reasons include if the owner wants to sell the property or the owner or his immediate family want to move in.

A landlord is then not allowed to rent the property out for two years in the case of a residential property and three years for a non-residential property.

If this rule is flouted, tenants can ask for compensation from the Land Department’s rental dispute centre.

Vacate letters that tenants are being asked to sign are not legal, Mr bin Hammad said.

An owner can seek to evict a tenant before the tenancy’s expiry if the tenant fails to pay the rent within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed after the 90-day rent increase notice has been given.

Eviction is also possible if the tenant sub-lets without obtaining a landlord’s approval in writing; if he uses the property or allows others to use it for illegal purposes or a purpose that breaches public order or morals; if the tenant leaves the property unoccupied for no valid reason for 30 consecutive days or 90 non-consecutive days in the same year unless agreed by both parties.

A tenant can also be evicted if he makes changes that render the property unsafe or uses it for a purpose other than for which it was leased. If a property is condemned then the landlord must prove this with a technical report issued or attested by Dubai Municipality.

Eviction could also take place if a government entity requires demolition or reconstruction as per urban development requirements in the emirate.

Tenants seeking redress can file a case against the landlord at the tribunal at the rental dispute centre, Mr bin Hammad said.

Relevant laws

New Law and Regulation by RERA : Trakheesi System

Recently, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) has introduced and is implementing new marketing regulations that relate to the sale of real estate in Dubai. We are currently working with RERA to implement this policy. If you have listed your property with us, you will be required to provide further documentation in order for us to continue marketing your property.

In the coming days, you can expect to be contacted by a member of our Customer Service team who will explain the further documentation that is required. Briefly, this includes:

1. Title deed
2. Passport copy
3. Signed Form A document

Please do co-operate with our Customer Service team to ensure government compliance and so that we can continue to market your property without interruption.

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