Official app tells you where to invest in Dubai property

Official app tells you where to invest in Dubai property
Staff Reporter /Dubai
Filed on October 20, 2016

Dubai Land Department’s new map app identifies areas appropriate for you.

A new app unveiled by Dubai Land Department (DLD) offers potential investors and tenants a bird’s-eye-view of residential hotspots in Dubai, complete with simulations and an overview of nearby attractions so they can make informed decisions,

DLD unveiled its Smart Investment Map app, which features a range of new features at the ongoing Gitex Technology Week, providing visitors with the opportunity to learn the techniques used by its experts to serve Dubai’s real estate investors.

The app helps users see the real estate offered for sale along with nearby attractions, providing awareness of all aspects of the real estate in which they wish to invest or rent.

“The Investment Map has consolidated the Dubai real estate market’s position as one of the best and most developed investment destinations. This reaffirms our focus on providing security and convenience to real estate investors, and ensuring they can reach decisions grounded in clear facts, which are provided by the Investment Map,” said Majida Ali Rashid, Assistant Director General of Dubai Land Department.

The new additions include advanced tools, such as a simulation system that provides the investor with answers, responses and comments on some of the questions asked. Additionally it outlines requirements related to investment and lease purposes to the user, with the application also displaying regions that may be appropriate for them.

The user may search by voice after this advanced option was installed to the Investment Map, which also provides modern real estate solutions for the world of real estate e-commerce.

The map also provides a detailed display of real estate offered for sale and rent (a search feature), which highlights selected attractions that represent the residential complexes in Dubai.

The map is linked to a comprehensive website for the display, sale and ownership transfer of the real estates for electronic payment. The system also displays the projects’ units upon request.

The map is now available on Android devices and iPhone users.

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