New Land Department service for women investors

New Land Department service for women investors
Accessing ‘Al Mahara’ will allow them to do all their transactions in privacy
Published: 16:56 September 28, 2015


The Dubai Land Department (DLD) said on Monday it has launched a service — ‘Al Mahara’ — that will allow women to access all of the agency’s facilities without them having to leave their private domains.

Under the service, a luxury car will reach women investors based in Dubai to facilitate real estate transactions. A dedicated telephone number also puts callers in direct contact with Al Mahara representatives.

“DLD will enhance its position by offering this type of services that provide women with flexible solutions and social benefits,” Majida Ali Rashid, Assistant Director-General and Head of Investment Management and Promotion Centre, said in a statement. “Specialists will be employed to provide all the services they need without having to visit the DLD headquarters to complete the real estate services.”

The number of transactions completed by women (136,723 of them) at the Land Department have reached 316,986 since the founding of the agency.

“Although we have launched a lot of initiatives that will enable our customers to access our services from anywhere through our smart applications, we realise that women aspire to get excellent services to respect their privacy in harmony with the authentic traditions of the UAE,” Majida stated.


Posted on September 29, 2015 in Dubai news, Property, Real Estate

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