Know why all rent contracts in Dubai must be cancelled

Know why all rent contracts in Dubai must be cancelled
The cost of cancellation of rental contract on Ejari is Dh30
By Parag Deulgaonkar
Published Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Know why all rent contracts in Dubai must be cancelled
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It is mandatory for all tenants in Dubai to register their rent contracts with Dubai Land Department’s Ejari system.

The registration costs you Dh195 with the cost being paid by the tenant in most cases.

But, it is also mandatory to cancel Ejari registration when a tenant vacates a property or does not renew the tenancy contract. If the cancellation is not done, then the system will not accept the new registration which today is necessary when applying for family residence visa or getting telecom services.

So who does the cancellation?

Generally, the tenant vacating does not take the onus of doing the Ejari cancellation, and hence, the property owner/ landlord should do it.

Know why all rent contracts in Dubai must be cancelled

The below is the process for cancellation:

1 Need a no objection letter (NoC) for cancellation signed by owner/landlord

a. The passport number or licence number of the previous tenant has to be mentioned

b. The reason for cancellation needs to be clearly mentioned in the NoC

c. If a person holding power of attorney (PoA) has to sign, then copy of the PoA must be provided along with ID proof of the person.

d. If the unit owner is changed, then the new title deed and passport copies, or Emirates ID, of the new owner has to be provided

2 Copy of the final Dewa bill, or the copy of the new Dewa security deposit receipt has to be given

3 It is necessary to provide Emirates ID of the applicant

4 The title deed of the apartment is must

According to authorised agencies, the cancellation request takes one working day for approval, but it generally happens before that.

* Do note that the cancellation fee for Ejari contract is Dh30.

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