Dubai rental index for 2018

Update: Dubai publishes rental index for 2018
The latest version also includes land with annual renewable lease contracts
Published: 12:31 November 18, 2017 Gulf News
By Manoj Nair, Associate Editor

Dubai publishes rental index for 2018

Dubai: The Dubai Land Department has updated its rental index for 2018 covering all residential, commercial and industrial properties in Dubai.

The update has been much anticipated given that key residential locations across the city have been under rental pressure all through this year.

Dubai  rental index for 2018

For the first time this year, a land rent index has been added for land with annually renewable lease contracts.

The Land Department has adopted a set of mechanisms to carry out the upgrade process, including reading the average data of tenancy contracts registered in the “Ejari” system and the real estate data and units registered in its databases.

Dubai publishes rental index for 2018

“Rent decline has been significantly varied in Dubai and across freehold areas,” said David Godchaux, CEO of Core Savills.
“The lowest year-on-year drop have been about 2 per cent while the highest has been 10 per cent.
Dubai  rental index for 2018

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