Dubai New Year Behind-the-scenes of Burj Khalifa fireworks [video]

Dubai NYE: Behind-the-scenes of Burj Khalifa fireworks Final touches for the NYE Downtown Dubai gala with a futuristic theme
By Bindu Rai
Published Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Burj Khalifa Fire Works behind Scene

In less than 48 hours, Dubai will witness another dazzling display of fireworks with Burj Khalifa at the centre of the New Year Eve celebrations.

Master developer Emaar Properties has revealed workers braving the dizzying heights as they put the finishing touches to the placements of the fireworks that will run down the façade of the world’s tallest building.

According to behind-the-scenes footage released by Emaar, a six-month prep has led up to the big night, with some astounding numbers displaying the sheer gamut of the December 31 event:

– 100 technicians were required to set up for the December 31 spectacle

– 1.6 tonnes of active material has been used to create the Burj Khalifa fireworks display

– Fireworks will be set off from 409 shooting points

– 375,000 LED nodes have been installed for the façade

– More than 51,000 pixels have been used to create the world’s tallest LED screen

– 70kms of network cable has been used

– Two months to set-up the fireworks and nodes

This year, the Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala will have clearly defined themed-acts, each highlighting an inspiring facet of the emirate, stated Emaar, with the crowning glory being the visual-masterpiece of the Burj Khalifa fireworks and light displays.

This year’s futuristic theme will see the façade narrate a story in multiple hues and forms, each resonating with Dubai residents and the global community.

Visitors to Downtown Dubai can watch the spectacle from specially allocated viewing points in Burj Park, as well as from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, where visitors can view the spectacle free of cost.

They are recommended to arrive before 6pm and take public transport to arrive at the venue, while the Roads and Transport Authority plans to extend the operational hours of the Dubai Metro for their convenience.

Several areas have been identified as key spots to watch the fireworks displays in the Burj Khalifa area, which include the waterfront of Dubai Mall, Al Jazeera Park, Souk Al Bahar area, Tower Plaza Building, South Bridge, Boulevard Road, Business Bay Crossing area.

To ensure the safety of all those involved, private pedestrian paths will be set up for the transition of members of the public from the metro stations, including the Burj Khalifa station for a distance of 850 meters, the Financial Center station to a distance of 1,550 meters, and the from the Business Bay metro station across 1,500 meters.

The commission has identified private paths for families and invitees only at the Burj Khalifa and Business Bay station.

The event will be broadcast live on international TV channels as well as live-streamed online at

Online visitors can choose from three different viewing cameras for a total perspective of the event.

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