Dubai Land Department initiative aims to forge global connections

Dubai Land Department initiative aims to forge global connections
Staff Report/dubai Khaleej Times
Filed on June 8, 2016


The Dubai Global Initiative Real Estate Connect has been developed to share best practices and expertise

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has announced the launch of the Dubai Global Initiative Real Estate Connect programme, a scheme from the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) – the department’s educational arm. The programme will commence this year with a visit to Delhi and Bengaluru from August 12 to 17.

The programme will arrange visits to leading real estate agencies and organisations in New Delhi and Bengaluru. Besides encouraging global connections, the Dubai Global Initiative Real Estate Connect has also been developed to play an important role in strengthening relations and sharing best practices and expertise. The programme will help to promote Dubai and the UAE as major hubs for both real estate development and education.

“We achieved a high degree of success in the previous edition of this programme due to the significant levels of interest shown by real estate professionals. A broad spectrum of developers working in the real estate sector attending the event has lent it great credibility, thereby achieving the initiative’s desired objectives. We are confident in our ability to reproduce and further build on this previous success in the programme’s forthcoming session this summer, particularly as it will be held in India – a country full of investors considerably attracted to Dubai investment opportunities,” said Mahmoud Al Burai, executive director of DREI.

The Dubai Global Initiative Real Estate Connect is accepting applications from interested parties – including government agencies, developers, real estate brokers and the Dubai Land Department leadership. From these applications, the DREI will select the delegation to take part in the visit, in accordance with specific standards and criteria.

The invited group will participate in trips to New Delhi and Bengaluru, providing an opportunity to capitalise on benefits, including attending conferences, workshops and the opportunity to visit real estate entities across the country.

The Dubai Global Initiative Real Estate Connect programme aims to facilitate the exchange of property development experiences across the world. Its goal is to educate and develop the capacity of workers in the real estate sector and create opportunities for joint collaboration.

It is expected that visits organised under the scheme will assist in building informal networking associations and professional relationships between workers in the local real estate sector and their counterparts abroad. This will contribute towards introducing Dubai and the UAE to real estate organisations across the world.

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