Dubai community residents alarmed with slithering sight

Dubai community residents alarmed with slithering sight
Skycourts residents report possible snake sighting
By Bindu Rai emirates 24/7 News
Published Friday, June 17, 2016

Residents of Skycourts Towers Dubai have reported sightings of the slithering kind, with a video surfacing online of a possible snake in the midst.

A video surfaced on social media as well has struck fear in the hearts of several tenants of the quiet residential community in Dubailand, where the reptile was spotted outside one of the tower gates.

In a corresponding message by Ali Ghoul, who p‎osted the video, the resident stated: “Please take care specially for your kids. I informed the same to the security team to take necessary action.”

He further posted he spotted the snake at the gate of Tower B.

In a series of comments, concerned residents took to social media asking for management to step in, while others voiced further concern when it was revealed the ‘snake’ had been removed by Ghoul and released at another location.

Skycourts resident K Sridhar told Emirates 24|7: “There has been a lot of digging around the surrounding areas of the tower gates, so it’s possible we disturbed it’s habitat.”

Local wildlife conservationist and ‎specialist at the Wildlife and Zoo Management at the Public Parks and Horticulture Department of Dubai Municipality, Dr Reza Khan, allayed concerns over the dangers of the reptile in the video.

Speaking to Emirates 24|7, Dr Khan stated: “From the images the creature appears to be a Limbless (or Legless) Lizard, which are smaller than snakes and thinner in size.

“These reptiles bear a close resemblance to snakes, but are potentially harmless.”

Probed further, Dr Khan continued: “In this part of the desert surroundings, Limbless Lizards are common sightings, as our Sand Boa snakes.

“Upon closer examination will we be able to determine which of the two this reptile could be. But that said, even Sand Boas are equally harmless and non poisonous.”

When asked what a person should do if bitten by such a creature, Dr Khan continued: “Poisonous or not is something we can only determine after we know the breed of the reptile.

“I strongly urge residents that in the case of a possible snake bite, head to the closest hospital to get yourself checked.”

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