Affordable rentals drive more people to Dubailand

Affordable rentals drive more people to Dubailand
Move-in requests for pricier JBR/Marina decline by 2 percent
By Staff writer
Thursday, 27 April 2017 10:40 AM

Affordable rentals drive more people to Dubailand

Cheaper rents and less traffic congestion is driving more residents to move to Dubailand, according to a new report.

ServiceMarket, a moving and home services provider, said in its bi-annual moving trends report that 13 percent of all their move-in requests received in the first quarter 2017 were for Dubailand compared to mere five percent same period last year.

“There could be many reasons for this shift in housing trends, which includes affordable rents, less traffic, and emergence of new shopping malls, schools and facilities in these suburban areas,” the company said, adding prices too were “significantly lower than Marina”.

Majority of these requests were for projects such as Mira, Remraam, Mudon and The Villas.

Move-in requests for Dubai Marina/ Jumeirah Beach residence fell from 11 percent to nine percent, while Downtown Dubai and Dubai International Financial Centre also slipped from eight percent to seven percent.
According to the report, over 60 percent of the moving-in activity took place in just 10 areas in Dubai with nearly 30 percent of the people moving to another property within the same neighbourhood.

Affordable rentals drive more people to Dubailand

Posted on April 27, 2017 in Property, Real Estate

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