2020: Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 15 minutes possible

2020: Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 15 minutes possible
Thanks to hyperloop technology being developed in US: Expert
By emirates 24/7
Published Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bullet train

Hyperloop technology can enable travel at speeds upto 1,220km per hour. (Al Bayan)
In the year 2020, people in the UAE will be able to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in less than 15 minutes, thanks to the hyperloop (magnetic pipe) technology which is being developed in the United States, according to Peter Diamandis, engineer, physicist and businessman who became famous in the field of commercial space.

Diamandis said this while speaking at the ‘Du Sixth Executive Leadership Forum’ in the UAE.

Hyperloop technology can enable travel at speeds of up to 1,220km per hour, according to Daimandis.

In his speech, Diamandis said he was particularly impressed by the UAE, describing it as a rare country. He said Dubai most embodies the vision driving cities of the future and it has the ambition and desire for innovation, creativity and ability to embrace new ideas, whatever their source.

Diamandis expected that the number of people with access to Internet to jump from 2.9 billion in 2015 to 8 billion in 2020.

Othman Sultan, CEO of Du, said: “We are hosting Peter Diamandis in this year’s edition of the Du Executive Leadership Forum. He is a world renowned expert in the field of business, he has unique views about the contemporary world which is seeing radical changes year after year. He will share his knowledge and experience with the forum’s guests.”

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