11 Burj Khalifa facts you did not know: 500,000 tonnes, 100,000 elephants

11 Burj Khalifa facts you did not know: 500,000 tonnes, 100,000 elephants
Emaar releases new facts about Burj Khalifa, the ‘Vertical City’
By Parag Deulgaonkar Emirates 24/7 News
Published Sunday, August 14, 2016

11 Burj Khalifa facts you did not know: 500,000 tonnes, 100,000 elephants
Visitors and tourist at Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Photo by Ashok Verma

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest tower, but did you know that the empty weight of the tower is 500,000 tonnes?

Built at the cost of $1.5 billion, the 828-metre tower, with over 160 storeys, is tangible proof of Dubai’s growing role in a changing world as in less than 30 years, the city has transformed itself from a regional centre to a global one.

Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman, Emaar Properties, the developer, has said: “Burj Khalifa is the Arab world’s tribute to the art and science of modern engineering and design. Burj Khalifa symbolises the aesthetic unison of many cultures – from Arabia and the rest of the world.”

The tower was official opened on January 4, 2010. Although we know it holds the following records – tallest building in the world; tallest free-standing structure in the world; highest number of stories in the world; highest occupied floor in the world; highest outdoor observation deck in the world; elevator with the longest travel distance in the world and tallest service elevator in the world; Emaar has now revealed more information on the tower on social media.

Here are some more facts:

# Each glass panel of Burj Khalifa weighs 362kg and comes with an energy saving coating to limit solar heat.

# At any given time, Burj Khalifa holds around 10,000 people at once.

# Burj Khalifa can hold up to 35,000 people.

# Every component of the Burj Khalifa was tested during design development to ensure performance expectations.

# Burj Khalifa, the ‘Vertical City’ has 900 residences.

# During the inauguration of Burj Khalifa, 10,000 individual fireworks were shot to choreograph the show.

# There are more than 24,000 window panels covering the tower’s façade.

# The weight of concrete used to build Burj Khalifa is equivalent to 100,000 elephants.

# Located at level 155 is the world’s highest electrical substation.

# Burj Khalifa’s flight stroboscopes sparkle 40 times a minute.

# Burj Khalifa has an empty weight of 500,000 tonnes.

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